Make a Choice

Fear slithers in through the right side of my skull….
It whispers..
Not good enough
Not good enough
Not good enough

Courage comes from the left…
White hot, Valiant, Glowing… Mercifully forgiving…
Just right
Just right
Just right
They meet in the middle,
they must,
Without one the other does not exist.

Despite my best efforts… what a rocky start to 2014. All of it. All the garbage, the insecurity, the fear, the uncertainty… it was very nearly too much. And then? Blessed revelation. I was reaching for something that simply was not attainable….

I thought I had learned this lesson already. That striving for perfection was a recipe for disaster and instead what I ended up doing is believing that accepting imperfection was always going to feel good.
It doesn’t.
It’s a full time job.
It’s coming to the middle and realizing it is but it isn’t. Somedays are happy. Some days are sad. Some days you’re a rockstar… some days? Not so much. All you can change and have control over is the love you give yourself every. Single. Day.

It’s the fucking simplicity of this that we all struggle with…. You can choose easy or you can choose hard. Why don’t you start making it easy?

Choosing to accept the balance of good and bad. Joy and Pain. Fear and Courage…. that’s the choice that’s gonna make all the difference.

a little rain


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