I’m That Mom

I’m that Mom,

I lose the permission slip;

I forget to pack a coat;

I put almonds in a lunch kit forgetting it’s a “nut”;

I yell at my kids;

I yell at my dogs;

I yell at the computer;

I yell too much;

I spruce up yesterdays make-up;

I haven’t showered since Friday;

I worry about the future;

I worry about the past

I worry I’m not good enough;

I’m worried you’ll notice;

I worry I’m too fat;

I’m scared to be authentic;

I’m scared to stand up for myself;

I’m terrified of failure;

I love deeply, profoundly, faithfully;

I trust too quickly;

I let my heart fall too fast, too hard, too easily

I put too much pressure on myself;

I’ve made mistakes, some of which I’m still paying for;

I love my eyes, my legs, my breasts;

I love my heart -always open to love;

I love my kids;

I love letting my kids be themselves;

I love the subtlety of tenacity;

I love my husband and our marriage

I’m that Mom… imperfect, perfect, flawed, damaged, loving, beautiful, generous.

I’m that Mom

Are you that Mom too?


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