It IS on My Mat

Just got back from a very refreshing inspiring trip to Mexico which left me with some time to myself to re-assess and re-promise some things to myself. One, very important thing was to commit to a daily yoga practice and thus far I have succeeded. Between at home and some studio classes I have been yoga-ing all over the damn place.

When I am in the studio classes I am still sometimes affected by the limitations of my body – and – I have been getting alot of questions from friends who want to start out about the limitations of their bodies and how this doesn’t seem to be addressed for them. No one can address the limitations of your body but you – and no one can forgive the limitations of your body but you. We must remember that yoga was essentially created thousands of years ago by men – typically tiny little skinny men… No boobs, no bellies, no hips… and we can’t blame them or us for the fact that many of us gals have those things… we just need to adjust. That’s life, if we come up against a limitation we adjust – we bend – we go another way… we can’t beat ourselves up about it. That is certainly not the intention of yoga… furthermore, to feel like having big boobs is somehow a limitation of our body.. well, that just doesn’t make sense (in fact, my husband would be absolutely baffled by that 😉 )

It IS what it IS..

I made this promise to myself last year and I see I still have some work to do…

It IS what it IS…

and trying to resist or fight or change what IS does very little to serve you in the moment… Sometimes what IS might be painful or uncomfortable; just let it pass don’t feed those beasts and give them more energy to prevail – nothing lasts forever.

It IS what it IS…

Sometimes what “IS” is bliss and peace and calm or joy or mad-happiness beyond your comprehension and if you feed THAT what “IS” is MORE – more bliss, more peace, more of all the things you wish for… Trust me, that’s what “IS”… Namaste!

it is what it is

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