Workin’ On The Inside

I just re-read my post about my Resolution list from last year and I must say it’s the first year I have ever reviewed my list and felt happy… again, maybe it’s because I didn’t make a “checklist”, maybe it’s because there was nothing to necessarily scratch-off and no way to measure my success – at least outwardly.  I suppose if you were just an outsider looking in you would think that my life doesn’t look all that different from a year ago but I am happy to report that it doesn’t even feel like the same life.

In 2012, I focused more than ever on living in the moment, living authentically, and healing my broken-heart and…  it worked.  Once again, I feel a contentment that I have never EVER achieved because in the past every goal was based on how those around me reacted to my accomplishments or very existence.  Not anymore, my happiness is completely based on –  well –  my happiness.  How I choose to react, who I choose to let into my life, how I choose to give myself a break.  The most important take away for me was that YOU have the POWER to change ONLY yourself… not anyone else but sometimes a glorious by-product of this work on yourself  is that  you can watch those around you blossom and grow and feed off your positive energy.

I didn’t do anything fancy really – I just started listening to my intuition, surrounding myself with only positive uplifting people.  I really did let go and forgive. I was actually mindful to snuggle more and laugh more.  The most important take-away for me was that I realized that we all DESERVE more, we all should LOVE more and the very foundation for this is GRATITUDE.  I have said it before and I’ll say it a million times.  Life will never take the shape you are looking for until you learn to live every second of your life being grateful for every second of your life!

There is no list for me this year… and that makes me happy… just more of the same – more growing, more reflecting, more working on my insides… now I know the rest will follow.happiness

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