5 Rules For My Daughters

1.  Guard your heart… but not so much that no one ever sees it.  This is a tricky one… it’s so easy to give your heart away in a moment of passion and bliss… but go ahead  and give it… just don’t cut the strings… keep it close to you – only you can honour and protect your heart and pull it back to you if it gets mistreated.

2.  Love yourself no matter what.  Again, all of this advice is easier said that done but if you try your best to follow it – you’ll come close enough.  Life and people are going to shift and change constantly around you.  If you Love yourself no matter what – you can always know that for sure you have your own shoulder to cry on.

3.  Take care of your body.  You will encounter many,many opportunities to abuse your body – be it with drugs or alcohol – excessive exercise or diet… Even when you are young, be mindful that this is the only body that you get for an entire lifetime and messing it up in the beginning is going to result in one very, very long lifetime.

4.  Your Glass IS HALF FULL:  Don’t waste time trying to get things you don’t have… spend time enjoying what you do have, love the little things,  know you are abundant and more abundance will come to you.

5.  ALWAYS follow your gut.  A gals guts are our most powerful tool… don’t ignore it – listen – it will never steer you wrong.  If you choose to do something because of what other people might think… re-think that decision. Don’t let small minds hold you back or define who you are.



Be BOLD. Be Too Much….

’cause too much for one person will be JUST ENOUGH for someone else.

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