I Have Enough

Really the title says it all… enough, enough, enough.  What is enough? I think when you change your definition of this everything falls into place…

We watch a world of indulgence and gluttony everyday unfold in the form of celebrity and in the name of fame… And someone, somewhere, makes us think that we might want that…. overpriced purses and undervalued privacy.

But take a minute and look around you… Look at your ABUNDANCE, listen to your babies sigh in their sleep, feel the warmth of your loving home, the smell of the just brewed coffee, the inbox of loving messages sent from friends that you just might not make enough time for.  Isn’t that enough?  Maybe it would be enough if we let it… we spend so much time striving for stuff, for validation, confirmation… we spin, spin, spin, until we are so dizzy we don’t even know what we want anymore. Just stop.

I have learned the lesson of what abundance looks like the hard way.  The Universe had to throw me down to the ground and make me feel what loss and fear could really feel like.  I did lay there for awhile, and sometimes I go back there but every time I linger for a little less, I find my heart of GRATITUDE and that always picks me back up.  Find your heart.. and I promise it will be enough.

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