Dying On My Mat

I’ve been a little quiet about my practise lately… mostly because I have been a little negligent in that department – I try here and there to grab 20 minutes or so but I haven’t made enough time for the deep, committed yoga that heals the body and the spirit…

Today – I got back. I got back to that yoga that reminds me how important it is to get here – everyday…

During Shavasana the instructor talked about how it is called corpse pose – because it is here that we die… it is here that we let go of all of the memory of insult, of compliment, of pain of joy… we let it go and we are born again – born again to bring our practise out  into the world…

What a gift to give myself, my family, my friends… everyday you can start from scratch – forget your shortcomings from yesterday –

forget that you yelled more than you wanted to;

forget that you ignored your spouse;

forget  that you overate and underexercised.

And then remember that all of those things are in your life because you brought them there – you do have a choice – sometimes we try the very best we can and that’s all we can do.  And when we start again everyday in yoga – we start fresh, we are re-born and we can approach life with childlike enthusiasm and authenticity. Without judgement or regret – just living now and loving now.

Today is a new day, all for you to choose to make it better than yesterday! So…. Go do it!  Namaste


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