Stinky Socks vs. Love Notes

When I lost my job in February – on that very same day – a friend sent me a horoscope.  I will remind you that I had just lost my job as a Mortgage Broker…

“On February 3rd, Neptune moves into Pisces for the next 14 years, bringing its healing touch to your professional life. Before you yawn, Neptune’s vibe is the opposite of the typical corporate “one percent” set. It’s about art, compassion, right-brained creativity—all things that are the antithesis of gray cubicles, industrial carpet and the soul-less, fluorescent-lit chambers that run on hierarchies and red tape. Between now and 2026, Neptune is sending you on a path to define your purpose, to create meaning and to make a difference through your work.
How, exactly? Well, you’ve got time to explore, but if you want to find out faster, spiritual Neptune would advise that you meditate, breathe, do yoga, or in some way get in tune with your inner voice. You already know your highest purpose, but it may be buried somewhere in your subconscious. If so, your job is to chip away at the blocks and reveal it.”

I am afraid of my highest purpose… my highest purpose includes being completely authentic and putting myself out there… my highest purpose includes believing that I have something important to offer… and in my shittiest moments I am pretty good at making a laundry list of what’s wrong with me that will prevent me from achieving my goals.

Look around at what’s right.  My tiny little house – which we have been renovating since 2006 is a perfect example.  Sometimes it’s very easy for me to get wrapped up in what has not been accomplished.  I still don’t have baseboards in certain areas, the bathroom tile was not executed very well (our first attempt), I have no bottom kitchen cabinets and no trim around most of my windows… ugh, the list goes on and that list was easy to type.

Now, what’s right?  It’s open and warm and welcoming – the colours are earthy and homey.  We have a skylight that even on the bleakest of days sends beautiful natural light to flood my living room floor.  Despite it’s small size it functions very nicely and I can whip it into pretty good shape in a bout 20 minutes (so please give me 20 mins. if you want to “pop-in”)  My husband proposed to me in this house, my babies have grown-up in this house… we have built our little family here.

We all need to do that… for every little list we make in our heads about what’s wrong with our lives, our bodies, our partners….  Make a “right” list – then, take that list and compare it to the wrong list and conduct a little experiment; take those wrongs and decide what right you would give up to cancel out the wrong.  I find this technique especially helpful when I am really frustrated with my husband…  for instance? He NEVER picks up his socks and they are disgustingly stinky… however, he scribbles little love notes to me that say things like:

“I’ll love you forever Kitten…”

I guess I’ll learn to live with stinky socks.


11 thoughts on “Stinky Socks vs. Love Notes

  1. Love the way you write – and think. I’ve said that before! 🙂 Great perspective. I tend to live on the sunny side of thinking when in conversation with my husband, making all things not done or finished that is MY responsibility just fine and dandy. But when it comes to what I hope him to do, it’s an ugly list. Oops. Truth is, we’re busy and we make choices all the time (I recently wrote about that – think I’ll post it here, hope you don’t mind) because when I remember the unpacked boxes 8 years later, the pictures never framed, the projects started and not completed, I remember we are choosing to live our lives and we’ll get there when it matters.

  2. I really enjoyed this post Kelly. Take the love notes any day! A great reminder to us all to look at what is going “right” in our lives. There are reasons in which we do not know why the road we travel turns but I am sure the journey is the reward.

  3. Thank you for the awesome and light-hearted reminder to focus on what is RIGHT and good in my life – LOTS!! 🙂 Also made me realize how much I long for a love note like that! It’s been a while…ya, I can handle stinky socks!

  4. The horoscope is a little deep for me. LOL perhaps we could disect it over coffee? Your home is warm and I love the colours…and your girls prance around freely. Its a great place to go…and be. It’s inviting. Great reminders…we have so much to be thankful for…stop bitching and complaining 🙂

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