An interesting topic has been coming up again and again and again amongst myself and my friends and I am even seeing it just with women in general…. this need for things to be magical and inspirational and perfect




 And if it’s not these things we must be doing the wrong things and making the wrong choices.


I have a little Newsflash for ya’ – even if you are living your biggest dream and following your most inspired life – you’re going to feel shitty about it from time to time…  there will be road blocks, there will be other priorities to take care of, there will be parts of your most passionate life that you simply do not like.

 I think maybe this desire for perfection has become some people’s secret little parachute – escape route – like if it’s not perfect it’s okay to quit because you’re supposed to be following your passion and it’s supposed to feel “right” all of the time.


I think the biggest example of how this is simply not the case is staying at home and raising kids… by my experience the hardest job in the world… on the surface it does look pretty magical but in reality it’s just about the most thankless gig I have ever had the pleasure of performing… on call 24/7, wiping asses, preparing meals that no one eats, terrible pay cheque…. then why do we do it?  ‘Cause at some point during the day, someone climbs into your lap – puts a pudgy little hand on either side of your face and whispers in your ear “I wuff you”… now that’s magic.  See, it’s far from perfect but it’s easy to get inspired by that one, single, tender moment.

 So I implore you – stop striving  for perfection – find what you are passionate about and wait for those moments that say you are on the right track – let the Universe carve your path and follow the inspiration that is created with it.

 Stop resisting.

Stop criticizing.

Stop judging.

Stop second-guessing.

Stop justifying.




13 thoughts on “Newsflash

  1. Thanks for the great post! Love the concept of Stop, stop stop
    It is a question I often ask my corporate clients when I am facilitating team building sessions. “What do you need to stop doing to start getting the results you need?” and “what do you need to stop doing so you can see the goodness around you?” Thank you for this refreshing reminder! Great post!

  2. So incredibly true Kelly – its sometimes just so easy to get caught up in the whole ‘perfection’ fallacy – this is a great reminder about the things that are really important that can easily be overlooked in the middle of a stressful day. Thank you so much for this Kelly – it came at just the right time for me 🙂

  3. Sometimes I just want to do things at my own speed. It’s hard. When everyone around is going 100 miles per hour and in 10 different directions at any given moment, it is difficult to feel like we are “allowed” to slow down and just “enjoy” the things that we enjoy. Most days I feel like I am able to do it. I’m able to balance working, running a business, running a home and being a mom. But again, like you say…the desire for perfection in everything is around me and sometimes brings me down. I’m going to carry forward today and just be content with what is. Because everything isn’t perfect…and that is just a-okay! Thanks!

  4. Yes…too true. We are not perfect, nor will be ever be. Yet our lives are perfectly…imperfect – all ways! I’ve learned of late to go for “good enough” – thereby releasing the pressure valve. The effects have been nothing short of profound!! Once we let go and just allow things to BE as they are…often messy but always serving us. Great insights! Thanks for sharing!

    • Absolutely! Setting the bar so high sucks the enjoyment out of every moment of your life – Great tip “good enough” can be so subjective… creates so much more satisfaction!

  5. AWESOME Kelly!!! Great leaders are great finishers!!! There are many who are great starters, they say all the right things, and talk the talk… but it is when times get rough that we show our strength, our courage and our purpose. It is when we can work with the imperfections of life that we reach the dreams that we desire. Often times, the bigger the prize, the greater the challenges along the way. When we embrace our imperfections, and the imperfections of others, we are more than halfway home to fulfilling our dreams. Thanks again Kelly!!! I love you blogs!!! Namaste

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