Tree Pose

Tree Pose is my favourite pose right now.  Beyond the fact that it is just very “yogi” looking – it puts me right where I want to be…. grounded into the earth, back straight, heart strong, arms raised up….. standing, resilient, beautiful, strong enough to bend and be flexible and adapt, strong enough to own the spot I stand in – confident and sure.

 One effective secret to a really good tree pose is finding just the right spot for your eyes to focus, just the right tension in your abdomen to balance, and most importantly just the right pin-point in your brain to be in the moment –


     if you think too much

                          you fall

 if you stop breathing,

       you fall

 if you take your eyes off the prize

           you fall….

 all the lessons we need to learn in life …. all in one glorious yoga pose J


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