Healing On My Mat

One of my first posts about yoga was regarding Camel and how afraid my poor little broken heart was to do it – how fear literally prevented me from surrendering into this pose.  Guess What? I can do it! It’s not fantastic – in fact – I would say I am hardly “surrendering” but I am getting into it and breathing through it and gently reminding my heart that we are healing one breath at a time.


The thing about healing a broken heart is how much you have to acknowledge that it’s broken – how tenderly you have to tell it that you know it’s broken – and then how courageously you have to find the strength to heal it.  The strength that I had to find was to slow down enough to let my heart heal.  That’s what quitting my job was all about – when you work from home with two little kids underfoot there is literally not a single second to pause and reflect and heal.  That’s why it worked for me for so long – it was an excellent way to mask how deeply in denial I was.  Fortunately for me some little light of serendipity found me and laid a path before me that I nearly had no choice but to follow…


So follow it I did – and it started with a New Year’s resolution that said if I took care of my heart and my mind my body would follow, it sent me a Horoscope that was so bang on to the situation I was in I had no choice but to hit the mat,  it gave  me  a friend that I didn’t even know was teaching Yoga, and now I am melting away all my anger and hurt and brokeness at a gorgeous little Hot Yoga Studio…. My heart might have been broken – but not too broken to tell me what it needed.


2 thoughts on “Healing On My Mat

  1. Kelly, Oh thew mask! I too have been guilty of being so busy that I do not have to stop and reflect. At times it was easier. what I did not realize then is it never goes away.

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