Ahhhh… I feel good. I feel a contentment that I haven’t felt in a long, long, long, time – maybe never.  I feel safe and strong and sure.  I feel like I am so in the moment and the moments are so gorgeous and full of opportunities of gratitude.  I feel my heart starting to beat out a rhythm it hasn’t in awhile – a cadence of happiness, of lazy summer days and melted fragrant evenings…

I don’t know what my future holds, what my career will look like and can you believe I am okay with that? Can you believe that for the first time in so, so, so long I am truly excited about what’s around the corner?  I am in no hurry to get to the corner it will come to me when it’s ready – when I’m ready – when my family is ready.   I just know who I will be with and how my soul will feel.  I just know that I will keep breathing this breath that I have found and that will be enough, that I will be enough…

 You can do this too… you can savour, you can sip, you can glide through the trees along the river…  you can freeze a snapshot of your life long enough to tattoo it on your brain… 

              do it – 

do it now –

                                  cause now doesn’t hang around for very long. 

 LOVE now


say SORRY now



4 thoughts on “NOW

  1. You will find “your purpose” soon and leave a footprint on lives in whatever you do! I got some great visualization as I read this blog, of butterflies and birds and long grass…and just peace. Thanks 🙂

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