Here And Now

Remove the old garment which no longer suites you
and step bravely into the new one –
weaved from an awareness
gained after years of struggle and pain.
Do not lose site of who you are
in that quiet space – where only reality exists.
You’ve paid a high price to get here –
no sense in giving it all back.Your life is here and now
Be present for it.
Live it wisely.

Nirmala Devi – 11/07/05

Not much to say about that except that I feel so close to “here and now” – I have never felt closer.  In the past, like I have said, I have dipped my toe in this water – only to let some bully, some self-doubt, some life circumstance yank me off of that path and back to the tap-dance that comes with incessant people pleasing.

Read that quote again and really let the words sink in… give yourself a break “you’ve paid a high price….” “…no sense in giving it all back…”  That’s a mistake I think so many of us make – we feel like we have erase the past to approach a stonger future – but it’s those battle scars that make us rich beyond recognition, it’s that “high price” that colours our soul and once we forgive and move on those colours shine and attract all of the goodness that we deserve.

So… today can be your day – to be present for it… to “live it wisely”  Enjoy it!


10 thoughts on “Here And Now

  1. Have no regrets, as your life “experience” has made you the person you are… love this mantra… hard to follow through eveyday though… working on it (wink)

  2. Like you, the part that resonates with me is the part about ” you’ve paid a high price”. We don’t want to offend others but we are more than happy to turn our backs on our own work. Gotta stop doing that!

    • Yes ma’am we gotta stop doing that! Right now as I type this I am having a cup of tea in a quiet house… you don’t have to go 10 million miles an hour to accomplish all that you need to in a day – go have a cup of tea – tell yourself that Kelly said it was okay, lol!

  3. Forgiveness is so important. I believe, we can not truly move forward in life with true happiness, until we can forgive those that have hurt us. We will never forget, but will be so much stronger once we forgive and move forward. Great post!

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