Strength on My Mat (a-shorty-but-a-goody :)

Last week I read an article about how you should practice yoga everyday… everyday… that seems like a real commitment.  When it is something that feels so good mentally and physically, why wouldn’t you do it everyday.  I have done at least 15 minutes EVERYDAY since I read that article.

 Today during my practice for the very first time I felt STRONG. I mean, obviously up until now I have been finding my yoga journey beneficial but this is the first time I moved from pose to pose with quite so much GRACE and STRENGTH and it was when those two words floated across my brain when I had my eyes closed – like a ticker tape -that a wave of contentment came over me… I am starting to embody those two words for myself and I am so proud that my girls will be raised by a woman of GRACE and STRENGTH… lucky little ladies, lucky me…

not quite this graceful or strong - maybe one day


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