Forgiveness From My Mat

My yoga journey continues… and does not disappoint.  At the start of last week’s session my instructor reminded all of us that yoga is an individual activity and there is no need to compare yourself to others – don’t even compare yourself… to yourself….there is no need to compare what you could do last time to what you can do this time.  Grateful for that little reminder to just BE IN THE MOMENT!


I love how yoga has your body whisper little messages to your soul as you ease into a pose and hold it.  I love that this week I heard “I forgive you Kelly”…


who the heck was that?

It was my body, my heart, my soul – forgiving me – forgiving me for my harsh criticism, my negligent treatment, my taking it for granted.  In one little whisper – I cannot tell you how much washed away.


The truth is this… if you can’t forgive yourself – who can you forgive?  Forgiveness is NOT absolution… forgiveness is letting go, it’s cleansing, it’s liberating, it WILL SET YOU FREE! 



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