Fo-Sho on a Fri-day

Some people might think that this new way that I choose to live is a little flakey, a little hippie, maybe even bohemian… but here is what I KNOW FOR SURE.. when I have considered living this way – not fully, not completely, I would dip my toe in it with reservation and concern that someone might judge me or think I was a flakey-hippy-bohemian – and now? The fact is, I hope they do.  And whether they like what I am or not… I like me, and the people, I love like me and that man sitting across the room from me, really, really, really likes me…

 Here’s what else I know FOR SURE… not everyone is going to love you – and the real gross tragedy is that many of us – myself included – have spent hours, days, years, decades of our lives trying to make people that don’t love us (and that we probably aren’t all that crazy about either) love us. I have a new plan – not another second, not another breath of my life is going to be spent in that ridiculous pursuit.

The final thing – for today – that I know FOR SURE.. when I live authentically and honestly, good things happen to me, good people come into my life, I do good things… and life just becomes so much more about minute-to-minute and the future takes on this hazy romantic quality where I imagine only more good is yet to come.  Bless my heart… I am becoming quite the hippy aren’t I?

What do you know FO-SHO???


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