Princess Ball

I have sat down in front of this computer several times since our big Princess Ball event with the intention of giving thanks and for the first time I have writer’s block.  I realize now this block is largely due to the fact that what’s in my head and what’s in my heart cannot be described in words – even by chatty cathy me.  When I even attempt to explain how fortunate I am to have these amazing people in my life – or how this event seemed to attract such generosity – I get stuck…. “Thank You” starts to sound hollow and well, just not not enough.  We say “thank you” when someone holds the door open for us or hands us a cup of coffee… “thank you” for volunteering countless hours of your time, spending your own money, providing your spectacular talents and services…. “thank you” for making my little dream come true, for making a couple hundred little girls’ dreams come true… “thank you” for supporting my cause and helping us raise nearly  $12,000.00!!

 It was nothing short of spectacular and now that I am a few sleeps past focusing on all the things that went wrong I am so darned proud of all of the things that went right!  First, we raised a pretty respectable amount of money.  Second, I think we created a pretty magical afternoon that a couple of hundred little girls won’t soon forget. 

 I am also very touched by all of the comments, personal messages, e-mails, phone calls …. that people are taking the time to reach out to me and congratulate me or let me know what their experience was… love, love, love!

 What I will say besides thank you is that these kind acts, these tremendous gestures will not go unnoticed and will not be forgotten – I fully intend to pay all of this kindness  forward in whatever way that I can.

Thank you, merci, gracias,Danke schoen…. See you next year!!


my little princess entering the Ball!


Dancing the afternoon away with Belle, Tinkerbell, Arielle...


stealing a moment with Sleeping Beauty

2 thoughts on “Princess Ball

  1. Oh Kelly
    you really do have a gift and I am glad your finally sharing. I am so proud of you and I am inspired everytime I read this blog.
    Love you guys!

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