Perfect Sunday

I LOVE Sundays.. they are the only day that I let myself do NOTHING – and by nothing I mean nothing but what my kids want to do.  The down side to working from home is that you have to tell your kids the following waaaayyyy too much!

“not right now” ,

“in a minute”

“Can you please just watch T.V.”

“I said, IN A MINUTE!!!”

The worst is when I overhear the girls playing and my 5 year old says “I don’t have time right now – I have work to do”.  Ugh, like a shot through the heart!!

But oh, Sundays… love them.  Today we went to Phil’s for breakfast.  They have the most delicious silver-dollar pancakes for the kids for FREE so you don’t have to worry about whether or not they eat and you waste money.  Of course, the girls sense the lack of pressure and thus eat EVERY bite!  I let them slather on the butter and pour the syrup themselves so it tends to get a bit messy but I think it makes them feel so big.

Next, we went and bought some canvas to make paintings for Daddy who will not be home for Valentine’s Day a bit of a fail but we tried, then a movie on the couch, then some crappy Alphagetti for supper…  So, not much of anything really just a day where I didn’t say “In a minute”.  Really, Reesie said it best:

“Mama, today was the best day”

Love her, Love Sundays!


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