Gut Check!

“Action is the antidote to despair.”
– Joan Baez

Am I feeling desperate? Well, it’s maybe not quite that bad – but it is gut check time.  It’s time to realize that I have set things in motion and even if I wanted to I couldn’t turn back.  Even though this Princess Ball is rolling pretty fast and it’s nipping at my heels, I’m staying ahead of it….  and I will stay ahead of it.

That’s the thing about anything in your life… it’s all of your own creation, it’s all your responsibility… so even if I didn’t have a little thing like a “Wish Upon A Star – Princess Ball” to finish putting together, I KNOW I wouldn’t be satisfied if I didn’t have something that made me feel really excited and motivated.  Up until recently though I was feeling just plain OVERWHELMED.

The fact is, on any given day, you have a choice to be overwhelmed, you have a choice to be underwhelmed.  You have a choice to be completely fatalistic about situations… ever notice how people who say “bad things always happen to me” always have bad things happen to them?  Maybe it’s because they don’t expect more…maybe there’s something to the law of attraction after all…  I also sometimes question their definition of “bad thing”… a little matter like the car not starting, or bad service at a restaurant… well, nothing like first world problems.

As always, I am the first to acknowledge that I don’t always practice what I preach but I try, I really try and today when I feel like there is just too much to do – I check my gut – seriously, what terrible problems I have, two amazing, loving, bright little girls that mess up my house when I’m working on the phone, a little community of princesses waiting anxiously for a magical afternoon,  not enough hours in the day for all the playdates we enjoy…  how do I get out of bed in the morning???    So, that’s what I do, I make fun of myself for getting bogged down by “problems” like that, pull up my big girl panties and get on with it!

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