5 Year Old

My oldest is about to turn 5 and I just love, love, love this time in her life! She is slowly starting to realize that the world isn’t totally about her (I mean she still thinks it’s mostly about her but that might be genetic… she is my child after all, lol) and becoming this very thoughtful, inquisitive, very well spoken AMAZING person.  She helped carry in the groceries tonight without provocation and kept reminding us that she didn’t mind she’s “super strong” . Everyday I am so touched at the way she treats her little sister… almost always thoughtful and tender.

look at that ear!

Recently, she got her ears pierced… she was so excited and so proud… I NEVER would have imagined that would be something that would have me choked-up but it is a remarkable milestone in a little girls life… she hasn’t stopped talking about it and it happened days ago! 

Just yesterday morning, she woke me by gently stroking my arm and saying “Excuse  me mama… I’m a little bit hungry – can you get me something to eat…. and then you can go right back to bed”.  So sweet.

Now before you parents of older kids go and say something “douche-y” like “and then they become teenagers”… I realize this.. .but I did just come through the “F**kin Fours” and would like to take a minute to bask in the glory of having a courteous, seemingly reasonable daughter…. at least for today!!


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