Mad At Myself

So, hubby goes back to work in 2 more sleeps.  He has been home for 3 weeks and it has been as awesome as I let it be… right now I am so disappointed in myself and how I sabotage really amazing things in my life.  I get even more frustrated that I can’t see the sabotage as it’s happening… not until later, not until I look back on the last 3 weeks and think about the times I was just so freakin’ wound up my feet were 2 feet off the ground….  3 weeks, no where to go, no where to be and I can honestly say I just relaxed yesterday, seriously? Yep, seriously!  It’s like when he is gone I have SO MUCH on my plate and I just can’t turn it off once he gets home… I remember not very long after he got home he grabbed me by both my shoulders and said “you’re not on your own now….”  Arghhhhh!!!

Did I take that WHOLE day for myself? Nope.  Did I work-out EVERYDAY? Nope.  Did I try to settle down enough to remind my husband how SPECTACULAR he is and how much I MISSED him?  Nope.  Arghhhhh!!!

So, I have 2 days to squeeze the crap out of having him here…. wish me luck!

Get it? Sabotage - "shooting myself in the foot"




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