Old Friends…

Forever friends!

Now, let me clarify immediately, I use the term “old friend” to identify the length of time that this friend has been mine… not like, in a chronological sense, we are, in fact, very YOUNG and FABULOUS!

Just had a lovely visit with a dear old friend… she is actually one of my oldest friends (again, length of friendship not age)… and I love her like a sister.  I love her like that comfy old sweat shirt that gets lost in the bottom of a drawer and is missing for awhile and when you put it on its just as comfy and warm and safe….

I love that there is no pretending… no showboating or bragging… we are proud of one another, we have seen each other at our best and good lord, at our very, very worst and we just love, love, love.  No judgement, always a safe, safe place to fall, to land, to come home to.  Sometimes we go for months and months without speaking – life gets away on us – but we always pick up where we left off – we are always so willing to listen and support and love, love, love. 

Give your old friend a call today.  Tell them you love them, tell them you appreciate them, tell them you don’t know what you would do without them!


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