What If….

"....You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one..."

Well, for anyone who has been reading my blog lately knows that my husband has been away for a loooong time and on a  note completely unrelated to this post  – HE IS HOME  – I am happy – that is all!

Well, maybe that’s not all, maybe having my sweet, sweet, little family under the same roof has left me inspired to send out some love and good and peace into this rag-tag Universe.  My brother was the baseball coach of those young men that were murdered near Claresholm last week.  He is devastated and heart broken. I can’t even think about it as it makes me feel like my heart may burst….  What this post is about is how the media has taken this tragedy and tried to turn it into fodder for gossip – even going so far as to approach the children of the grieving adults.  It’s plastered all over the news just like all of the other disasters and tragedies that are be-falling this world everyday.

Last night as I caught the “what’s on the 11 o-clock news” commercial, it was just the saddest list I have ever heard and re-confirmed why I don’t watch the news and I said to my husband that I wondered what would happen to our world if just for one week out of the year it was the law that the media could only present happy news.  What if for one week people left for work inspired by all the good miraculous things happening on this planet and laid their heads on their pillows at night so grateful for this amazing little spot hurdling through the universe.  Tragedy and death and misfortune DO NOT outweigh GOOD DEEDS, and LOVE and HOPE and MIRACLES…. for some reason our silly little survival of the fittest brains just want to know about the crap. 

No disrespect to all of the awful things that deserve ou attention and assistance.  It’s important to be informed and make decisions based on that information.  But what if, what if, what if…. what if for just one week ­­­­all of that media attention created an atmosphere of hope and EVERYONE felt it and EVERYONE sent it back out.  I think that Christmas comes close to creating that love but like the stupid shits that we are we have to go and ruin it with the pressures of social engagements and gift giving and parking spot rage at the mall..

I’m just sayin’…. what if….



5 thoughts on “What If….

  1. Well said, and so very true. I am certain that there are far more good things that happen in the world. I just wish we got to hear about them more than we do the bad things. My heart grieves for the families, friends, and the people of the lovely town of Claresholm.

  2. Did you know there use to be a news station that only showed good news, they went out of business because people don’t want to hear the good stuff they like the bad stuff because it is more shocking and makes people feel better about their own lives. Sad!!

  3. I too agree with you Kelly. I rarely watch the news, I guess you could say that I like to live my life in ignorant bliss. Here’s a wish for a very soft, gentle all encompassing hug too you and all you hold dear. XOXO.

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