Feeling The Love!

Art work by daughter - given to me today of all days! Her fave word to write is "Love"

The day that my blog “Not So Angry Anymore!” is posted and I feel sensational!  I was so nervous (read terrified) to share that particular time in my life.  Most of my other posts are my personal opinions and I don’t mind one bit if you disagree with me….  This, on the other hand, was my soul, my slightly tattered heart… I wanted so badly to get it out there just so it could be out, out, out of my brain once and for all.  It was like I had been holding my breath for a very long time and I was FINALLY exhaling and taking a deep cleansing breath of renewal.

Here’s a funny little gift that the Universe gave me.  I had set the post to be published on the wrong date and time and so when I noticed this I logged onto my site and very simply changed it… not nervously, not reluctantly.  After a good night’s sleep I felt secure about my message and was so grateful to be in control.  During a time that has felt so out of control… the Universe said loud and clear “you ARE in control”!

The love and well wishes and support I am feeling today is palpable  – I feel like I could cut off a piece of it and slip it in my back pocket to take out in case of emergency. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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