Put On Your Oxygen Mask First

Take care of yourself!

Well, if I haven’t whined about it enough already – I will remind you, kind reader, that my husband has been home for 3 days since the 10th of October – and up until this morning I was feeling pretty bleak… everything was feeling like a chore… even things I enjoy – I just felt kind of like a dirty used up sponge.

Apparently, my almost 5 year old girl is picking up on these vibes ’cause she was awfully hard to motivate this morning.  I said “get dressed” 622 times, “put on your boots” 454 times, put on your coat 578 times, get your back-pack 322 times (p.s. she forgot her back pack so apparently I didn’t say it enough,lol).  It took us 45 minutes to get out the door – thank goodness I had planned on running a fairly un-important errand before she had to be at skating and we could skip the errand!

So, I had told my oldest that on the last day of skating (which consists of a 1/2 hour skating lesson and a 1 1/2 hour pre-school type thing) I would stay and watch her skate…  I intended to duck out towards the end but by the time we rushed home and picked up her back pack we were already late.  I told her that she took too long getting ready and I couldn’t stay and watch…. she was hurt – I felt like crap – got a little teary – but I stood my ground.  I had my youngest at the sitter and now had an hour and a half to myself – to run a couple of errands and grab a coffee.

One of the errands had me going to a craft store and about 2 minutes in I found myself enjoying the Christmas Carols playing in the store, and about 10 minutes in my guilt over not staying to watch had completely subsided.  There’s a reason that they tell mamas to put their own oxygen masks on first so that they can better attend to their children  …  This was me putting on an oxygen mask and seeing to my needs first – all in an effort to be better… better mom, better wife, better at my job.

Was my situation as dire as a plane going down?  Maybe not…. but yikes it sure felt darn close, lol!! 

Just do it. Just put the oxygen mask on – take a deep breath for yourself – do whatever it takes to feel ­­­like a competent person again!  You won’t regret it!  And EVERYONE including your kids will thank you for it… well, they probably won’t actually say “thanks mom for finding a way to not go completely off-your-rocker” but the love and good behaviour you get when you parent from a more sane locale will be all the thanks you need!



6 thoughts on “Put On Your Oxygen Mask First

  1. Great post! My hubby to works away although he has a 15 days on and 6 days off, so my kids and I know when he will be home. While he is gone and even when he is home my parents take our kids every thursday to give me some saine time and then my hubby and I can go out or just hide out at home for a couple hours. 🙂

    • Unfortunately, we are just in a weird place right now with respect to child care…. I would love some time but we’ll get there…. hubbies away adds a while dimension doesn’t it?

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