True Meaning of Christmas Indeed!

Just had our 2nd Annual “Morning With Santa Toy Drive” on Friday, December 2, and I am so happy and proud of what a successful event it was!  This event is a real testament to how the Universe conspires to make things happen in the name of generosity and goodness.  When I started the planning for this event last year I was in a VERY bad place (a place that I may or may not discuss in future blogs) and when I look back the Event was sub-consciously intended to be a distraction.  I contacted momstown Central Alberta on November 12 and the event was held on December 10!  People came together so easily in the true spirit of Christmas that the it was all pulled off without a hitch!

This year was even easier.  I met with Parkland Mall and momstown for about 20 mins., we each had our list of things to do, I dispatched my amazing colleagues and voila! I especially loved hearing the parents of the participants explain to their kids EXACTLY who these toys were for and why they were there.

That’s what I love about this event – I think a person would have to be in a coma to not be moved by the energy it creates – the “do-good” feeling the grown-ups get and the “magical” feeling the kids get when Santa (the best Santa I have ever known) comes and mingles with the kids and talks to them beyond “what do you want for Christmas”.  My little girl sat and had a VERY serious conversation with Santa…. I can only imagine what she said to him!

So, today is a Monday that is dangerously close to Christmas.  Today is a Monday that could really get a woman whipped into a tizzy about all that she needs to accomplish at work, the baking supplies she needs to buy, the shirt for the Christmas concert she needs to iron…. I implore you to stop… please just stop and think about those mommies and daddies that will have to go into the FoodBank this Christmas… will have to fill-out a form that proves they are poor enough to be given Christmas presents for their kids from the Christmas Bureau – just marinate in the desperation, humiliation, and anxiety that those folks are going through… then think about your Christmas baking.

No self-righteousness here – I am guilty of letting “Christmas Crazy” take over my mind but this year, when it really starts to make me feel overwhelmed that’s what I think about – give myself a good healthy dose of perspective! I have promised myself that this year I will take time to enjoy, to give, to love and COUNT MY BLESSINGS that there is food on my table and presents hiding in the basement, and family to share it all with!




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