“Oh Be Joyful – ‘Cause That Sh*t Spreads”

When I first started this blog I was really thinking “Oh Kelly, how original, a mommy blogging about her life”… and I worried about that – how others might perceive that. Today I realized that I really don’t care. I don’t care if a single soul ever reads this blog again but not in an apathetic way… I love how these posts help me see the positives in my life and how I always want to write about it. I love how this blog makes me want to see the humour in my less than stellar moments and keep it real. I love how it’s more than a journal – when I have journalled in the past I tended to be negative but somehow with this I just want to be JOYFUL and inspired! Much like a gratitude journal it motivates me to see life through rose coloured glasses (p.s. the gratitude journal lasted about 2 days) and note the amazing little things that happen in my life EVERYDAY!
Sometimes people (myself included) sabotage their path to Joy by blocking it with reflecting on negative things from the past, people that piss them off, rules about how being joyful might be off-putting to some people. The next time you are feeling JOY and the sabotage creeps in – take note – what is sabotaging that? Your own fear? An overbearing family member? A jealous friend? Don’t “blame” that sabotage – own it – and know that you have the power to not let anything or anyone rob you of a JOYFUL moment!


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