Posted in December 2011

My Resolution List

Sitting in my living room… big kid downstairs playing, little kid (and big husband) still snoozing away at 8:20!  I still have my Christmas tree up.  I think you get to enjoy it more for what it is after Christmas… peace,calm,love. Listening to some “spa” music and enjoying the quiet and taking a moment to … Continue reading

Old Friends…

Now, let me clarify immediately, I use the term “old friend” to identify the length of time that this friend has been mine… not like, in a chronological sense, we are, in fact, very YOUNG and FABULOUS! Just had a lovely visit with a dear old friend… she is actually one of my oldest friends … Continue reading

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas!

Well, if you have come here to be inspired by my amazing blog post today I suggest you turn around and click on something else.  It is the morning of Christmas Eve and I indulged in too much Amaretto at my hubby’s Christmas party last night and while I didn’t get totally out of control … Continue reading

What If….

Well, for anyone who has been reading my blog lately knows that my husband has been away for a loooong time and on a  note completely unrelated to this post  – HE IS HOME  – I am happy – that is all! Well, maybe that’s not all, maybe having my sweet, sweet, little family under … Continue reading

Feeling The Love!

The day that my blog “Not So Angry Anymore!” is posted and I feel sensational!  I was so nervous (read terrified) to share that particular time in my life.  Most of my other posts are my personal opinions and I don’t mind one bit if you disagree with me….  This, on the other hand, was … Continue reading

Not So Angry Anymore!

Having a cry right now as I put up the Christmas stuff around the house…. I like to put up pictures from the previous years and just reflect on how much our family has changed.  There are no pictures from last year.  You see, last year, I was in the anger phase of the grieving … Continue reading

Put On Your Oxygen Mask First

Well, if I haven’t whined about it enough already – I will remind you, kind reader, that my husband has been home for 3 days since the 10th of October – and up until this morning I was feeling pretty bleak… everything was feeling like a chore… even things I enjoy – I just felt … Continue reading

True Meaning of Christmas Indeed!

Just had our 2nd Annual “Morning With Santa Toy Drive” on Friday, December 2, and I am so happy and proud of what a successful event it was!  This event is a real testament to how the Universe conspires to make things happen in the name of generosity and goodness.  When I started the planning … Continue reading