“Finding Balance” – is Bullsh*t!

I have spent the better part of this year subscribing to a search for balance and beating myself up when I didn’t meet or exceed those expectations that are created by this idea and now my new philosphy?  Right now, for me, finding balance is BULLSHIT!  And it’s okay to think this – I have surveyed other women and they agree!

As some of you know I did not have a car this summer and what that meant was aggressively re-prioritizing, re-organizing and what a sense of peace I found biking and walking all over with my 2 little girls.  The truth was I was not aspiring to getting it all done because I knew that I couldn’t… I was taking life moment by moment and doing the best I could.

Then, in September, I got a car and went from zero-to crazy in about 2.2 seconds.  For awhile I was blaming this on adjusting to a new busy schedule of pre-school and other activities and then I realized that wasn’t it.  I was back to making impossible “To-Do” lists and running around like a maniac.  I started googling “Finding Balance for work-from home moms” like madness and all of these solutions just left me feeling like I was coming up short. 

Don’t get me wrong, some days I am superwoman and have my “to-do” list done by 10:00 a.m. but we all know how quickly a day can be set back by the trials and tribulations of potty-training and the endless search for all the goodies that need to go in a back-pack.  Inevitably a whole day of competence can be cut-short by a crayon and a wall and poopy pants. 

We do have superwoman days but we aren’t machines… systems and plans are only as effective as how we are feeling and we are all humans with physical bodies that can’t perform at their maximum everyday and we also have little humans that have the same limitations.  Also, we are all guilty of comparing ourselves to other women and assuming that they have it all together – I would hazard to guess that if you see a woman who looks like she has it “all together” her dirty little secret might be that it is last night’s mascara on her eyes, or her kids teeth are not brushed, or her socks don’t match…  or, er, is that just me????

I guess in a way – I have found balance – the closest thing that I can hope to find.  I feel much more content and in control now that I have given myself a break.  I am doing the BEST that I can right now in this moment and more importantly, I am enjoying MY LIFE, and MY KIDS…. and that was my ultimate goal in my QUEST for BALANCE!

 *click on the pic for some more good “balance is bullsh*t” reads!


4 thoughts on ““Finding Balance” – is Bullsh*t!

  1. I totally get this 🙂 I have found that balance is mostly attained by mindset. I read a book that really helped me (called “Sidetracked Home Executives” in case you’re interested) and now I have a great system in which I allow myself the flexibility needed as a mother and business owner but I still get the satisfaction of accomplishing my “to do list.” I would say that most days are NOT balanced. But when I look at my life as a whole (in week long or even month long chunks) I’d have to say that I am balanced!

    • thanks for reading Tessa – and thanks for the book suggestion. I think what I mostly meant is what “balance” has come to mean to alot of women – myself included – that we will reach some pinnacle of a zen like state… it’s semantics really – what words we use to fool our silly little brains. For me, the word “balance” was just messing me up, lol!

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