NO MORE WHINING (or sucking or blowing)!!


If you have time to whine and complain about something then you have the time to do something about it.  ~Anthony J. D’Angelo, The College Blue Book

I have been encountering a lot of “Sucking and Blowing” people lately. You know the type….wishes her husband helped out around the house more…. then tells him that he does EVERYTHING wrong.  The guy who wishes his wife would have more sex but doesn’t even pay attention to her until it’s “bedtime”.  Don’t worry – I’m not going to hop up on a self-righteous soapbox here… I’ve done my fair share of “Sucking and Blowing” (oh, that sounds dirty after my last example) but seeing it in others is so prevalent right now that I can’t help make some observations.

If you want what you want you have to ask for it, or go out and get it, or make it happen….. Sitting around and pissing and moaning about things isn’t going to make the Universe feel bad for you – it’s just going to give the Universe ammunition to keep giving you reasons to piss and moan.  I understand that we all have our reasons for being stuck.  Sometimes we are scared and sometimes we are comfortable.  Sometimes our husband has been away at work for over a month and will probably be gone for another month, and you have 2 little kids and work from home and are trying get ready for Christmas and OH GREAT he just called last night and said they MIGHT WORK THROUGH CHRISTMAS????  (P.S. –  if you didn’t pick up on it that last example is my life!).

Well, needless to say I started this Monday feeling pretty pissy and then I realized that I am in the driver’s seat here – I have a choice.  I can keep on feeling pissy and whiny and short-tempered…. or I can count my blessings.  My husband HAS a job, and I HAVE a job, even-better – I have a job that lets me stay home with my kids.  There are alot of people out there wondering how they are going to pay the bills let alone find the time to go Christmas shopping.

So… you are either with me or against me but let’s see what happens if we all change our attitudes and start thinking about why our lives are GREAT and while you’re at it…. share why your life is GREAT with me!




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