Just read Danielle LaPorte’s latest blog post and it is about a woman who sold her couch to pay for the ticket to attend an event that Russell Simmons was speaking at (you must read her post if you are confused for a minute that anyone was “Sweatin’ To The Oldies and clarify who Russell Simmons is ).  Anyhoo, she got up and told her story and said that she promised that she would give her card to Russell Simmons and ask for a meeting with him and SHE DID – and HE SAID YES!! 

Here’s the thing about having the guts to do something like that.  If you do it tactfully and gracefully with a tremendous dose of HUMILITY what’s the worst that could happen?  Russell Simmons did not get to where he is by ripping humble little not-for-profit dreamers to shreds – he wasn’t going to say “That’s ridiculous you big fat Stupid Head – do you know who I am?”  I would hazard to guess that someone like Mr. Simmons is going to see a bit of himself in her passionate commitment and say “hell yes!

Ms. LaPorte said it best – if this doesn’t inspire you – you better check your pulse (click the picture to check out some more “White Hot Truth”)

“Fledgling or founded, we’ve all got a metaphorical sofa to sell, a risk to take. Something to put on the line.
Sell it. Do what it takes. Whatever it takes.
Go without so you can go for the gold.
Grab the mic.
Make the ask.
Whatever happens, the results will be unforgettable.


5 thoughts on “GO FOR IT!!

  1. Thanks for your post Kelly,

    Courage is so valuable and I have lots when promoting fundraising and other associates’ businesses, (accept when I only had 1 minute with Carol Burnett). However, courage to ask for a cheque for myself is often hangin’ around the corner. How ridiculous, right? We know we have the service and product people have even shown interest in, so why does courage leave for the last sentence, “that will be $9.80 a month, how can we get you set up today?”.

    Thanks again for sharing this encouraging story.

    • Thanks for the encouragement Jo-Ann!(and for always reading and commenting) GO FOR IT – what’s the worst that could happen? I don’t think anyone would say “$9.80 a month? Are you a stupid-head?!?!” LOL…. I am quite sure – NO POSITIVE – that you attract the kind of people who would at the very least – very graciously say “It’s just not in my budget right now – but please keep thinking of me!”

      • Thanks Kelly, Yes I would love people to be so gracious and give me the honest answer. And if it’s no, that’s all good too. (some just sit on the fence and won’t tell you, what, why and when. I got a No last week, and it actually felt good to take that card and file it.)

        Thanks for being you and sharing,


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