It’s Gonna Be EASY!

Knee deep in the planning of my most recent fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis, the biggest one yet and it is off-the-charts exciting.  I have this amazing little group of friends and supporters that are at my beck and call to share opinions and I dare-say they are almost as excited as I am!  I love the “Oh-oh-oh… we could do this…” and then these amazing ideas flow from our brains and we all build on it – there is nothing like a group of smart, creative, and inspired women!

I just came up against my very first obstacle in the planning and it set me on my ass a little bit.  I met with someone and during the entire meeting I felt misunderstood and uninspired – I started to question my ideas and creativity and when I left I spent the better part of the day stressing about it.  Then, at some point when I took a break from the belly-aching I realized that this was really the first difficulty I have had in planning this entire event and maybe I needed to really LISTEN to why this was difficult.  The truth was – this individual was not the right fit – he just didn’t get it – he was not inspired by what we are doing – and that’s okay. If someone came to me planning some type of “Hockey-Beer-AC/DC” extravaganza I am pretty sure I would not be your gal.

At the start of this year I was watching a documentary and Wayne Dyer was on the stage talking about how we have choices when we are entering a new phase and it’s really quite simple.  We can CHOOSE to think it’s going to be EASY or it’s going to be hard.  Now, sometimes it’s hard because that’s just life – but sometimes things are hard because we make them that way that – you get what you give – especially when it comes to the kind of energy we put out there.  The second something became a little difficult for me I panicked – this had not been an option – I phoned some friends and voila –  By the end of the day I had shifted my attitude and the ball was rolling again.

Negative thinking is a survival technique no doubt.  It’s what stops us from walking alone in dark alleys – but us “survivors” have a tendency to really focus on the negative and let it snowball into “if I walk in that dark alley I will be viciously attacked, have my purse stolen, the criminals will steal my identity and I will eventually be jailed for credit card fraud in an unusual case of mistaken identity”.  Sometimes our survival techniques or what some people call “cautious optimism” is just a tiny crack we leave to make it O.K. for things to not work out. 

I am practicing a new way of survival a “failure is not an option” and “this is going to be EASY” approach to life and I think it’s working.  Try this tomorrow morning as you face a Monday after a long-weekend… those days are always crazy… but it’s going to be EASY!

It's Gonna Be Easy!


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