“I Love All That I Have and I Want More”

I have been thinking about the last 2 years of life and how clear it is to me now that the Universe was just conspiring to help me see “it’s the little things”.  Without financial problems we would not be so grateful for every little penny that helps us support our family.  Without Cystic Fibrosis I would not be staying home with my kids full-time to watch them grow and develop into these amazing little people.  Without all that has happened I would not b­­­­­­­e filled with so much GRATITUDE for all that I have: my spectacular husband, my precious baby girls, my adorable little house…  Do I want to be wildly successful?  Absolutely – and that’s okay – it’s okay to want more – just not at the expense of what you have now!  Relish in this moment this precious little morsel of time that you will never get back – think about moments in the past that lift your spirits – plan for a future that will leave you even more ABUNDANT than you imagined.

Abraham Hicks said  “I love all that I have and I want more” ABUNDANCE is about perspective and the ability to see what you already have and the courage to believe that you deserve more and more is just what you will get!   It’s not selfish to want more as just as long as you love what you have now.  Stop wishing your life away!  You won’t enjoy life more once you lose weight if that’s all you believe is standing in your way…. weight is a physical state… ABUNDANCE is a mental state.  You won’t get more money if you believe your life will be happier when you do…. you  HAVE to know that the life you have RIGHT NOW is Abundance… find what makes it ABUNDANT and it will be – and you’ll just keep getting more and more!

Start your Monday by asking what makes my life abundant… even if it’s as simple your cup of coffee and please share!


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