Something Notable.

everyday notable life leads to inspiration!So the other day my colleagues and I were in a meeting with a gentleman who plans an important conference that we attend every year… we got to discussing what we liked about the event and what we didn’t like… we all agreed that we really enjoyed the keynote speaker.  This lead to discussion about the cost of attending the event and the cost of the speaker and I learned that these least expensive individuals earn $5,000.00 to $10,000.00.  I said “How do I get a job like that?” to which he replied “do something notable”.  I said “Okay, I will”.

This really got me to thinking that the people that inspire us don’t always have to rise above some kind of adversity or tragedy.  The fact is, most of us do that every day – most of us do something notable every day.  Today I have done 2 loads of laundry, bathed 2 little girls, got them dressed, fed, consulted a colleague about a file I am working on, talked to a fellow business mom about goal setting, etc, etc…(p.s. it’s just after lunch). I am not listing all of this to brag…. It’s very typical of most moms daily tasks.

My something notable?  I got out of bed today, I found a way to laugh about the fact that my 4 1/2 year old had gotten up before me and tried to make easter eggs with a lemonade/ketchup mix…. that was all over the kitchen table, counter and floor.  I try to take every moment of every day and make it as pleasurable as possible and if it starts to not feel so great I find a way to make it better (phone a friend, re-prioritize, sing or dance with my kids).  I know the fellow we were meeting with meant no disrespect – he was just answering my question but the fact remains We are all NOTABLE – we all just don’t have the same story.  Do I find the man who was once homeless and then went on to make millions inspiring?  You betcha.  Do I find the friend who has adopted a special needs girl, only to go on to have her own son diagnosed with autism mind blowingly admirable?  Even more so.  I could list 10 people I know who fill my heart with pride and respect every time I think of them and none of them are on the bestseller list.  We are all NOTABLE and special and amazing and triumphant.

Now I just have to figure out a way to make people want to hear my easter egg story and pay me $10,000.00 for it…… hmmmmm…..


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