I’m Scared!!

One of my little princesses!

Well, it’s official.  I am planning a Princess Ball to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis Canada… I have created and printed brochures, contacted some possible sponsors… there is no turning back now and I am scared!  I want to use this post as the last time that I will ever consider failure as an option, the last time that I will admit that I am a little terrified of all that this event will involve…. especially with my “go big or go home” imagination. I wonder where I will find a venue, how will I pay for the venue, I need a D.J., lights sound, how will I pay for this, I need food, how will I pay for this, I need to decide the PERFECT date, how will I know… what if no body comes????

From this day forward I will only imagine the AMAZING success it will be!  How magical it will be for all of these little girls and their parents who get to see the excitement in their eyes.  The outrageous amounts of money that will be raised to help find a cure for my precious little girl!  The terrific exposure I will give the businesses that are supportive/brave/inspired enough to sponsor this event!

The Princess Ball was an idea I had after learning of the same type of event that my friend took her girls to in Moose Jaw. I thought it would be a perfect fit for Red Deer.  I also thought about how I want to send a message to little girls that being a Princess is more than pretty dresses and prince charming.  The need for this message became even more urgent for me when Reese was watching Beauty and the Beast and asked me; “Mama, do you think Gaston would marry me if I didn’t learn how to read?”… Are you kidding?  Rather than the “beauty is what’s inside” message – my daughter gets “maybe if I’m illiterate -the asshole will marry me”????  Time to remind my little girl that Princesses are brave and strong and GENEROUS.  Time to show her a real Princess like Princess Diana.  I want to show the little girls of our community how much you can change and do with one little idea!  Most importantly, I want to send this message to my 2 little girls!

This is not my first fundraiser but it is the first of this size and/or kind!  But I HAVE to do it now – I have written this post – but more importantly, I have told Reese! She is ready pen and notepad in hand “let’s start planning mama”!!!


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