Reading lots of blogs today about gratitude – and I can’t help but jump on the bandwagon! After a weekend that was not without it’s usual drama caused by family members who make “ASS”-umptions galore (and they end up being the only “ASSes” in the bunch) – I am so relieved that I am FINALLY able to see through that smoke and mirrors situation and just LOVE all of that is worth loving – I am done wasting energy on people that don’t know how to live without creating turmoil in our lives.

I love that getting older allows you to bask in the simplicity of life… and be thankful for those things.. for the knowledge that it’s those simple little things that are the cornerstone of gratitude.

I am grateful for the 2 little girls that are playing “House” right now. Reese is the mama and Rowan is the baby. I am grateful for the husband that made coffee for me this morning even though he didn’t have time to enjoy a cup himself. I am grateful for the parents that love us and support us and are just as CRAZY about our kids as we are. I am grateful for work that allows me to play “grown-up” but not miss out on raising my kids.

…. I am grateful for the people that accept me for who I am and love me anyway!

Can’t ask for much more than that can you?


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