Posted in October 2011

“I Love All That I Have and I Want More”

I have been thinking about the last 2 years of life and how clear it is to me now that the Universe was just conspiring to help me see “it’s the little things”.  Without financial problems we would not be so grateful for every little penny that helps us support our family.  Without Cystic Fibrosis … Continue reading

I’ll Have What She’s Having!

So, this is just a quick little observation/rant/strictly my opinion based blog….  Yesterday when I was dropping my girl at pre-school I asked her 6 times to go down the stairs… each time, I admit, with less than a patient, warm loving tone.. There was another mommy coming up the stairs who said “I am … Continue reading

Something Notable.

So the other day my colleagues and I were in a meeting with a gentleman who plans an important conference that we attend every year… we got to discussing what we liked about the event and what we didn’t like… we all agreed that we really enjoyed the keynote speaker.  This lead to discussion about … Continue reading

I’m Scared!!

Well, it’s official.  I am planning a Princess Ball to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis Canada… I have created and printed brochures, contacted some possible sponsors… there is no turning back now and I am scared!  I want to use this post as the last time that I will ever consider failure as an option, … Continue reading


Reading lots of blogs today about gratitude – and I can’t help but jump on the bandwagon! After a weekend that was not without it’s usual drama caused by family members who make “ASS”-umptions galore (and they end up being the only “ASSes” in the bunch) – I am so relieved that I am FINALLY … Continue reading