You Can’t Always Get What You Want..

You can’t always get what you want….. but if you try sometimes… .you just might find what you get what you need!!  This summer has been one of really digging deep and deciding what I want from my life, what kind of mother I want to be, what kind of business person I want to be, what kind of wife, friend, woman I want to be.  And this song became my theme song.  On those long walks with my girls this would just play in my head and it would make me smile!  Did I want to be in a car accident?  Did I want to not have a vehicle for 3 1/2 months?  Did I want to have to walk/ride my bike everywhere?  No to all three, of course.

The other questions I had to ask myself though is….. Did I need to slow down?  Did we need to save money and get rid of a ridiculous vehicle payment?  Did I need to spend more time with my kids?  Did I need to remember how much I love being outside exercising my body and my mind?  YES, YES, YES, YES!!

What I learned from all of this is to quit fighting life, stop struggling for control, let life happen!!  LIVE IN THE MOMENT!  Everyday is a lot more full if you enjoy as many seconds of it as you can.  Sure, laundry sucks but put on some great music and have a dance party with your kids.  Getting groceries is hardly a good time…. but can you walk there, bike there?  Don’t assume you don’t have time…. really take stock…  ­­The journey is always much more fun than the destination!

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