Posted in July 2011

A Funny Thing Happened At The Gym Today…..

“We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.” — May Sarton Selling has GOT to be the hardest job in the world (maybe next to raising babies of course)… One reason for that, I think, is that people are tired of being inundated with the hard … Continue reading

Why Do We Do It Ladies?

“You do not define anyone with your judgment. You only define yourself as someone who needs to judge.” – Wayne Dyer Why do we do it ladies? Competition and Judgment amongst women starts pretty early I suppose. In Junior High it starts with who has the best clothes (not to date myself here but in … Continue reading

Do I want to be RIGHT or do I want to be HAPPY?

So, husbands….. am I right? What amazing, engaging, frustrating, sometimes simple creatures they are! My hubby and I have had some disagreements lately about work/home/kid life and he makes these generalized often hurtful comments about how being distracted by my work is not fair to the kids or “why don’t you just wash/dry/put away ONE … Continue reading

Happy Accident

On the 2nd of June I was in a car accident – it was my fault – I was embarrassed, angry at myself, relieved that the girls weren’t with me but the truth is I knew it was coming… I had been getting little signs along the way that I needed to slow down. At … Continue reading