Bingo Dobber Bandit!

You have to make alot of reservations when you work from home that’s for sure! Today while I was researching some marketing ideas I left my 2 little girlies with a new bag of craft goodies…. I thought that a Bingo Dobber would be a great way to reduce mess, lol!! This is the AMAZING thing about my job though…. if I didn’t work from home I would miss this stuff – miss out on the satisfied grin on her face when she finally brought to my attention what she was up to! It gets crazy around here – that’s for sure…. my job certainly requires a great deal of focus and sometimes I have to sacrifice household order to get things done. Does my sanity often hang in the balance? Undoubtedly. Would I change a thing? Absolutely not. Will I give a 2 year old a Bingo Dobber again? Probably!


One thought on “Bingo Dobber Bandit!

  1. HeeHEE! I totally relate, of course… As we always seem to be on the same page…Today as I was preparing materials, my son snuck away with my permenant marker. I was quick to notice, but he had it well hidden. Luckily at 4 he is old enough and honest enough to show me where he hid it…I just can’t find the lid, but crisis everted! Too bad I wasn’t so lucky when my 2 year old got the red one and took it to my white leather couches last year…ugh. Sometimes its funny…other times…LOL.

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