Wrinkly Eyes

Tough day today… had to get work done…. 4 year old not so cooperative.  She has discovered some interesting tactics to getting what she wants and that is waiting until I am completely engrossed in work and then she helps herself to whatever she wants (snack, paints, my most expensive eye cream).  The eye cream is what did me in!  Off for a time-out she goes, then a discussion, then a forgiveness discussion, then me explaining that now I will have wrinkly eyes and when her friends ask why her mommy has such wrinkly eyes she will have to explain that she wasted her mom’s expensive eye cream and her mom could not afford new eye cream!  Her response?  Hand’s placed delicately under my chin, a softness in her eyes and she says; “Mommy I love your beautiful eyes…”.  Little turkey…. She’s forgiven!

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