Starting Over

“Vitality shows not only in the ability to persist but in the ability to start over ” – F. Scott Fitzgerald


Well… it’s 4 a.m. and I am writing this blog…. what has been a difficult 2 years for myself and my family just got it’s cherry-on-top moment when I was in a car accident (my fault btw) and wrote off our vehicle.  While sitting here feeling sorry for myself I opened by “Daily Inspiration” e-mail and the above quote is what I read….

Why can’t we start over?  Why can’t we push a re-set button?  All that is stopping me from doing that is my obsessive need to re-hash the past, stew about my “rightness” in a disagreement, cry about how my life as it exists now differs substantially from what I thought it would be,  my inability to FORGIVE…..

Please excuse me while I send myself a little newsflash…. “YOU CAN’T CHANGE IT KELLY!!!!”

So why not start over?  Take my life as it is now and move ahead – Let go of the things in my past that keep me awake @ night, create REAL ways to deal with the things that I can’t and the rest is a start-over.

“Click!’  That’s the sound of my start-over button… that’s the sound of potential, of hope, forgiveness, contentment, RELIEF, RELEASE, excitement…….”snooorrreee” (the sound of me snoring cause ahhhhh, now I can go to sleep!)


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